Flat cleaning services

A clean home is important for the well-being of the entire family. A dirty house is always a germy house which causes various health hazards. Therefore, the best defense is to keep those germs washed away to prevent the spread of illnesses among your family. But nowadays, people are leading a fast paced life with a busy schedule and hectic lifestyle. None has enough time to take a break from their day to day schedule and invest their time in cleaning their house. So, most of the times they don't find the time to supervise the cleaning and dusting of their residential property.

Flat cleaning services

Villa Cleaning services

With over decades of experience, we have established ourselves as one of the leadinghome cleaning services Dubai and home cleaning services Sharjah based companies. We value customer satisfaction and quality of service above everything else.

Floor cleaning services

Slip accidents mainly occur when the floors are contaminated and sometimes become fatal too. To prevent such accidents, we must ensure that our floors are clean and dirt free. An effective cleaning must remove contamination, thus, reducing the risk of slip incidences. Incorrect cleaning leads to building up of contamination, and as a result, it makes the floors more slippery. Apart from this, a shiny floor adds lustre to a room. We know that you love to keep your floors shiny and glossy but the dusty weather in Dubai doesn't allow you to keep them that way.

Move in-out cleaning services

Moving or relocating to a new place is a big task. It is very hectic and not everyone can do it with ease. The tasks of packing, unpacking, relocating can be strenuous enough for you. Plus, getting the things in order, scheduling transportation, changing your address, and moving services, changing schools or perhaps going through a career adjustment, all present a large amount of work. In such cases, the idea of relocation can haunt you like anything. But don't worry, as we are there to ease your stress.

Flat cleaning services

Deep cleaning

Hire us and get your quote from our cleaning team today. We are among the best cleaning companies Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman has who offer services of deep cleaning. Residential cleaning services Dubai and Office cleaning services Dubai provide both full-time and part-time maids for your needs. You can appoint our maids on an hourly basis for the cleaning of your house or commercial area.

Flat cleaning services

Upholstery and furniture cleaning services

The upholstery on the furniture is something that is always in use. The furniture items in your room not only beautify the look of your house or office, but are also necessary for daily use. But everyday your upholstery fabrics and furniture encounter dust, pollens, food crumbs, germs, and stains. So in order to maintain the cleanliness of your upholstery and the furniture, you need to avail furniture Cleaning services for your house or office.

Flat cleaning services

Garden and out door cleaning servies

A clean place is very important for the well-being of everyone. The dirty surrounding are always germ prone and easily spread numerous illnesses. So keeping the surroundings clean is a must; especially the residence and office. They should be kept clean and tidy to prevent the spread of illnesses and diseases. But Nowadays, each one of us is leading a fast paced life with a very busy schedule, hectic lifestyle, and a tiresome day. Therefore, it is very difficult to take a break from the day to day schedule and invest time on cleaning gardens and houses.

Flat cleaning services

Carpet cleaning services

Cleanliness is very important for a healthy and better lifestyle and to live a healthier life, we must keep our surroundings clean and dirt free. Not only the outdoors, but we must clean our inner surroundings too for these are inside the building (house/office), where we spend most of our time. So it is very essential to clean every single object right from the curtains to carpets. Just like the clothes that we wear need to be regularly washed to keep them hygienic and fresh, our carpets too require periodic cleaning. It prevents them from damaging and increases their longevity.

Window cleaning

Windows are an exposed part of any house or office. That's why windows frequently build up grease and grime. Removing the grime and degreasing the windows are not easy tasks; especially because these are time consuming and hectic.

Flat cleaning services

Office cleaning services

Clean and tidy workplace is important for the maintenance of a good hygiene. A neat and tidy workplace not only reflects your class but also increases the productivity at your workplace. Maintaining a clean office is not an easy task as many regular events take place in an office. But don't worry, as we, your professional office cleaning Dubai company, are there to make your office clean and tidy.

Hotels and Restaurant cleaning services

Having a clean hotel is very important to gain customer loyalty. A clean environment makes the area hygienic and fresh. To maintain a good reputation, cleanliness is a must for hotels and restaurants. People automatically tend to gravitate towards those hotels that have a clean environment. Therefore, a quality cleaning service is very important to gain consistent customer satisfaction. Hence, quality is one of the very important deciding factors for the customers when considering hotels. Hence, we as your cleaning company Dubai based offer various cleaning service depending upon the hotel and needs.

Hospital cleaning services

Cleanliness is vital for every health care clinic. It is crucial because the people visiting the hospitals and receiving treatment are already suffering from an infection or a disease. Hence, the place is more susceptible to bacteria and viruses, and needs thorough cleaning at all times. If not handled with care, they can infect the patients and can lead to the spread of several illnesses. Therefore, it is very important to make sure that an effective cleaning regime is in the place for the reception areas, waiting rooms, corridors and wards.

Flat cleaning services

Clinic cleaning services

Cleanliness is extremely crucial in clinics. A neat and clean clinic is important to maintain the hygiene. In addition, it also reflects a good impression on the employees and patients. Any health care clinic should be thoroughly cleaned and made germ-free for better health and safety.

Flat cleaning services

School cleaning services

Schools are educational institutions where students learn and gain knowledge. Such places deserve to be clean, tidy and organized. In fact, a school is a place where cleanliness is taught in the form of discipline. We are one of the best providers of school cleaning services in Dubai who are continuously serving the top rated schools for a long time.

Flat cleaning services

Construction cleaning services

We are the best cleaning company in Dubai, UAE. With decades of experience we have established our company as one of the reputable cleaning services provider company in Dubai. Construction cleaning service is a part of our extensive range of cleaning services offered.

Marble polishing services

Marble looks stunning on the floors and walls. But maintaining this delicate item is not so easy. You need to polish the marble in order to maintain its shine and lustre. We are the finest cleaning services Dubai based company that offers you the services of marble polishing at an affordable price.

Cruise, boats and yacht cleaning

Give your existing boat, cruise or yacht a brand new look just by availing our Dubai cleaning services. We are the one of the best cleaning company in Dubai, UAE. We are known to provide various professional cleaning services Dubai wide which include boat, cruise or yacht cleaning services as a part of our offers.

Air duct cleaning

It is very important to conduct air duct cleaning every two to three years to keep the home healthier. With the same, a clean air duct system works better and efficiently than the dirty one and as a result, it lowers the utility bills.

Water tank cleaning services

Water is essential for every living being. It not only fulfils your drinking needs but there are many household tasks that completely rely on water. Your daily bath, washing of clothes, cleaning of kitchen items, cleaning of veggies and fruits, all are completely dependent on your tank’s water. You might not see the microscopic germs and bacteria moving and mixing in your water tank, but that doesn't mean they are all not there. Algae, bacteria, fungus, mould, amoebic cysts, giardia, all these tend to take birth in unclean water.

Cleaning crew on salary basis

We are a well known Dubai cleaning company that provides you with the service of appointing our maids on a monthly salary basis. Our maids and cleaning teams will provide you with their cleaning services and charge a certain amount as their monthly salary. All our maids, cleaners are well trained and comfortable working in both commercial and corporate atmosphere. Ocean fresh cleaning Services are well known by various names such as Dubai cleaning services, Sharjah cleaning services and Ajman cleaning services.

Flat cleaning services

Cleaning crew on contract basis

Ocean Fresh Cleaning services are a Dubai-based cleaning company that undertakes Maids and cleaning services on contract basis. After understanding the situation and needs, we offer our contract based cleaning services to our customers. Our customer service department frequently arranges meetings with our clients in order to know their requirements and to serve them better. Our professional cleaners work with a modern and fresh approach. Our cleaners use highly effective and modern cleaning equipment to clean our customers' apartments, offices, warehouses or any other premises.

Full-time maid services

Is the bulk of daily household work making you extremely tiresome? Then it is high time you appoint a full-time maid for all kinds of domestic help. There are tons of firms that offer maid services in Dubai. But ours is the best. We know hiring maids in Dubai is not an easy thing, but if you have a maid service company in Dubai, like us, at your disposal, then it becomes all the more easy. All you need to do is know which one to choose.

Flat cleaning services

Part-time maid services

When you are looking forward to appointing a part-time house maid in Dubai then we, Ocean Fresh Cleaning services, are the best choice for you. Through our experienced and dedicated team, we provide our customers with the best possible solutions for your domestic help. Our team analyzes all the problems related to the domestic help of our customers and then try to arrange the best suitable Maids in Dubai. We provide both full-time and part-time maids and servants for domestic as well as commercial needs.

Office helping services

We are a Dubai based cleaning company that provides a wide array of cleaning services for your house or office premises along with office helping services. Keeping your place neat and clean is important for your overall well-being. But we know that you must be busy for the whole year with your own work and don't manage convenient time to clean your house or office. Don't worry as we as your cleaning services Dubai based are there to take care of your cleaning needs. Our office cleaning services include the wholesome cleaning of your office premises along with helping needs.

Party help

A party is about having fun. But arranging a successful party is not a cake walk. Lots of work has to be done to have a successful party. Some helping hands would be worthy enough in such situations. We are the best Dubai cleaning company that provides you maid services in Dubai.

Commercial Painting Services – A Thoroughly Professional Job

If you have been searching for the best Painters in dubai, you have come to the right place. To the uninitiated, the job of giving a new look to a building might appear to be a simple affair. In reality it is not so. We at Ocean Fresh take it quite seriously upon ourselves to make your shop or office look bright and beautiful once we complete our ‘mission’. Yes, you read it right! Every painting job is like a mission for our team and the work is well planned and executed with that perspective.

Residential Painting Services - Top Quality Painting Service

In Dubai and most other Emirates, every house owner would be proud of his house, villa or flat and would want it to look neat and smart to the onlookers. Giving a fresh coat of paint is very important in ensuring that your house looks nice, from the outside and the inside, both. The moment it occurs to you that your home needs to be repainted, give us a call at Ocean Fresh, a reliable agency offering Residential paining dubai.

Packing and moving

Having a promotion at your workplace and getting transferred to a new place? Or want to export your industrial goods to your client but don’t know how to go about it? Then you have come to the right place. We at Sana movers are your one stop destination for all your packers and movers needs. With our excellent team of experts and highly qualified planners, we make sure that the delivery of goods is done on time and at very affordable and cost effective prices.